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 My name is Nini. My company has been dealing with exotic, organic materials for more than 10 years.   We have the most competitive prices, as well as fast processing and shipping.   Here is a list of our more popular items, 

1. Mammoth Ivory bark, tusk and molars  2. Woolly rhinoceros teeth and bone

3. Crocuta crocuta spelaea (hyena  /hyaena)skull and jaw bone with teeth

4. Fossil lion jaw bone with teeth

5. fossil smilodon  

6. Mother of pearl, blacklip,abalone and all kind of veneers  

7. Handmade mosaic pins  

We supply raw material and do custom cutting at a very competitive price. We ship world-wide.   

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any further comments and/or queries, and I will gladly assist you.   

Jan-feb 2019. To attend Tucson Gem show.(Ramada)665 N freeway,tucson ,room 108